First Loved



  1. Whatever You Say
  2. First Loved
  3. I Love You
  4. Help
  5. It Wasn't Enough
  6. Praise Your Name
  7. Be With You
  8. Jesus Jesus
  9. The Light (feat. Redd Fyve)
  10. God You Are Able
  11. You Are the Reason
  12. Chosen
Daya’s album, First Loved, is about God’s LOVE for us and our response to that LOVE… faith, trust, obedience, relationship, communication, love! She blends her jazzy vocals, soulful delivery, and eclectic musical style into this exciting offering, First Loved. There are standouts like “Help”, an R&P smash hit that chronicles the journey from trouble to triumph, “Whatever You Say”, a gospel jazz offering to God that declares our commitment to obey Him, and “It Wasn’t Enough”, a rock inspired song that takes us from Adam to Jesus and shouts of Christ’s endless love for us. First Loved has depth and variety which makes it an album you can listen to again and again and again!