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Daya Lorin is an indie urban contemporary gospel singer/songwriter who has released four (4) albums, with the most recent being Word of His Grace, in 2019! Word of His Grace has rich lyrical content and songs that cover many musical styles like gospel inspired pop, soul, R&B, praise and worship, jazz and rock, all tied together by one theme, Grace, and one unique, soulful voice, Daya Lorin!

Daya is currently working on NEW MUSIC and is set to release her first single, God First, from her forthcoming album on 5/1/2021! God First is a spiritual banger, with commanding lyrics and hard hitting bass, sounding the alarm for believers in Christ everywhere to awaken from their slumber and rally around the banner of Jesus Christ. It is an anthem to encourage Christians to put God First, above all else (Matt 6:33)!

Daya prays that her music will minister to the body of Christ and strengthen it to grow in relationship with Christ. It is also her desire that it will minister to those who don’t know Jesus Christ, displaying to them Christ’s love and the joy and peace of knowing God and living in the freedom of His Grace!


NEW ALBUM!!!! Word of His Grace!

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