Perform at Stage Play, “Deliver Me From Self”
October 27, 2019
3:00 pm
Jonesboro, GA

“Deliver Me From Self” is a stage play EXPERIENCE written to inspire our audience to break away from the chains and bondage of our past.

“Deliver Me From Self” is a multi-layered story line interwoven of 12 women from different nationalities and walks of life; forced to come face to face with their unresolved childhood trauma. All have been driven to the brink of despair until the universe strangely brings them together by way of group counseling. During the sessions, they soon realize no woman is any different from the next- as they all have endured haunting heartaches turned masked pain which has followed them into their adulthood. The audience is invited on this emotional journey as the ladies discover all things do, in fact, work for good- if allowed to. By embracing their struggles and confronting their demons, they discover their innate will to survive has the ability to turn any tragedy into triumph. This journey filled with lies, abuse, deception and pain leads the ladies to a path of freedom through acknowledgement, acceptance, growth and redemption.  Unfortunately, some of the ladies will achieve full deliverance and some will leave on the same path of which they came… leading them to drag their secrets TO THE GRAVE. This stage play realistically portrays how our unresolved childhood trauma can be swept under the rug and still negatively affect our adult lives- both personally and professionally. The resolve is we all will continue to be bound by our past if we chose to ignore our issues and not seek the help we need.  We will inspire women to use the power in their own voice, conjure up the courage to tell their stories and be “Delivered from Self”

Clayton County Performing Arts Center

2530 Mount Zion Parkway, Jonesboro, Georgia 30236