NEW Single!!! – Grace and Mercy



  1. Grace and Mercy



Album Reviews

Beautiful. Just what I needed to hear!!! - Van M.

Love this jam! Awesome new music by my sister in Christ and fellow praise team/choir member Daya Lorin. Buy it TODAY!! "Thank you for your graaace..." - April B.

Got my copy, and my girls asked me to play it three times! Congrats! - Bernard W.

I love it! Beautiful!!! - Avis H.

This is great. Avery said “mommy, she sure is a good singer” - Hollie F.

Wow! Very interesting and different. Really like it! Makes me want more.... - Jeannette F.

I love it! - Karliss Q.

This song is awesome! Totally feeling the beat! - Andrea R.

So lovely - Kim S.

Very Creative Release!!! Continue to push the Bar - Kofi H.

Praising Grace and Mercy this morning. Love it. Start your day with a cup of Grace and Mercy - Rochun M.